Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Royal Treat

Food looms large in my consciousness, but even more so now. When not attending to what I’m supposed to be doing (if you’re reading this and you’re somehow connected to appraising what I’m doing, then I’m doing what I’m doing VERY HARD, sigh), I’m discovering and reacquainting myself with the many wonderful makan joints around.

One spot that I’ve been frequenting is the ikan bakar (grilled fish) stalls behind the Istana, on Jalan Bellamy (“Just let the sambal flow…”). This is a popular KL haunt, and since the roads around the Istana are narrow, go during lunchtime at your own peril. We normally try to get there by 11.30 am. You get the whole range of stuff – different types of fish, prawns, squid etc.

I can't begin to name all the fish they have. During this particular trip, we had catfish as well as ikan terubok.

Catfish (left) and terubok

The latter is a challenge to eat, since it has many small bones, but he who perseveres is likely to be rewarded with a rich-tasting fish (sorry, don’t know it’s English name, lah).


Anonymous said...

Hey, good for you...another Food Freak. KKK
Give me a shout when in Penang.


Aromatic Beans said...

Don't be surprised if I'm camped at your doorstep, demanding to be taken to the best this-and-that stall!!!


Where's the stingray ? Aiyah that one cannot miss one. Just remember to spoon a good dose of sambal over it !

Aromatic Beans said...

There will be many other times, lah. That day, there were only three of us, so you can see, we had over-ordered. Next time when you're back!

z said...

WAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad to see you making VERY good use of your time!!!!! will also try to go on your adventure weekend at some point!!

by the way this is zee way (dowan to spell my full name on blogs leh, a bit paranoid. :)

Aromatic Beans said...

Am honoured to host the mark of Z! Aiseh, don't be so sarky about making good use of time, lah. Those who have been there and done it should be more encouraging, eh?

Colin Rajah said...

Damn you and your ikan pangang pictures! I can't stop salivating!