Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Goodbye, Ah Huay

Our family cat, Ah Huay, died last Friday. She was a little under two years' old. She wandered off as usual in the morning to walk around the neighbourhood, and was hit by a vehicle. We only found out on Saturday, when a neighbour told us.

Ah Huay was a spunky little girl. She thought and behaved like a dog... not unusual since she had five older canine siblings. She meowed loudly everywhere she went, announcing her presence in no uncertain terms. We would often find her at our feet, looking for a tummy rub, and meowing if three seconds had passed and she hadn't gotten one.

One of her favourite perches was on top of the car bonnet, looking into the house. She had a panoramic view of all that went on in her kingdom.

When she wasn't sleeping blissfully on Dad's chair, stretched out like a, well, cat, she would find any number of chairs in the house, hang out and observe what was going on. The kitchen was always a hive of activity.

One day, as I was attempting to make the classic Hokkien noodle dish mee hoon kuay from scratch, Ah Huay sat across watching eagle-eyed, not very impressed with my technique on the dough. She wasn't far wrong... I sucked.

Goodbye Ah Huay, we will miss you.


Jen L. said...

Sniff... RIP, Ah Huay. You had the longest legs I'd ever seen. You were a stylish girl.

z said...

wow, what a cute and intelligent cat. photogenic, too.

wah, you can make hokkien noodles from scratch ah??? give me the recipe!!!

Aromatic Beans said...

Hmm, gotta get the recipe from Mum. Anyway, you know how these experienced cooks are with "recipes"... "Add some water to the flour and knead it until it is just right, not too soft, not too hard." Thanks, Mum.