Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It's a red, red world

Chinese New Year is just two days away, and Kuala Lumpur is gripped in a frenzy of activity.

The shops selling lanterns and all manner of festive decorations are crammed with all things red.

Folks are flocking to Petaling Street to stock up on essentials, from flowers …

… to dried seafood stuff for reunion dinner on the eve. Back home, there was some cleaning up to do…

… but at least we had done our annual spring cleaning before Christmas, so we did not have to turn the house upside down to get it ready for the New Year.

Second Sis had finally completed making, over a period of weeks, the many snacks that now sit invitingly on our living room table (more on the snacks later), and she now turned her attention on making those origami birds that dangle from the most unexpected places in our home.

For the birds to be infused with the full dose of prosperity and good fortune, they have to be made from ang pows. Cut the red (or in this case, red and yellow) packets into the desired shape, twist, turn and fold them, and, viola, lil’ birdies all ready to take flight. How’s that for step-by-step instructions?

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