Saturday, April 12, 2008

Save Bukit Gasing - you can do it

Here’s what dropped into my mailbox today, from a friend…

“Just went to climb Bukit Gasing this morning - what a stunning stretch of greenery hiding behind the rows of bungalows.”

Yes, Gasing Hill is truly a wonderful green spot for the increasingly overdeveloped and overcrowded Klang Valley. Those of us who live in its shadow may sometimes take it for granted and it would take a visitor to remind us how precious this green lung is.

However, it might not be that green, or breathing much, if the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (BDKL) has anything to do with it – they seem to be leaning towards approving development projects on their side of the hill.

Tomorrow (Sunday, April 13) at 4 pm, the Save Bukit Gasing folks are organizing a Family Day at the Gasing Indah playground.

Show up and make your voice heard. The old excuse of “What for, lah, nothing changes anyway” has been totally swept away by March 8.

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