Friday, May 2, 2008

Quick and easy BBQ primer

What are the key ingredients to a successful home barbeque? Start off with some skewers, soaked in water, so they don't burn when you put them on the grill. Get a medley of vegetables (kinda like a ratatouille over an open flame).

Many folks like beef, which taste great paired with a juicy, lighter partner like pineapples.


... and pork chops are winners ...

... especially if they end up looking like this! Mmmmmm.

It's not all meat and seafood though. Get some brinjals ready.

Sweet potatoes and corn are always popular.

Start up the fire and get them buggers over the flame.

Arranging them neatly means you're sensitive to the wants and needs of amateur photographers the world over.

Get the oil ready, and baste occasionally.

Trot out the fish, if you have any. We had sole the other night.

Other key ingredients are a free-flow of wine, a group of hungry people, and a reason to celebrate – in our case, a friend's successful kidney transplant.

Oh, I forgot, you should also always have a Jack Russel or two handy, for all the bones etc.

Saves on the cleaning up!

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z said...

wah, nice pictures!! but you forgot to explain the marinade!

eh, can i take your dog ah?? so cute!!!!